Thermo Fisher Scientific Applied Biosystems PureQuant Assays

10 May, 2019 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applied Biosystems PureQuant Assays, from Thermo Fisher Scientific, are a family of assays that identify and quantify specific immune cell types in a mixed population of cells.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech ambr 15 cell culture Generation 2

09 May, 2019 | Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd

Sartorius Stedim Biotech's ambr 15 cell culture Generation 2 replicates laboratory-scale bioreactor performance at the microscale (10–15 mL) and controls up to 48 single-use bioreactor cultures in parallel.

Beckman Coulter DxA 5000 total laboratory automation solution

08 May, 2019 | Beckman Coulter Australia

Beckman Coulter's DxA 5000 total laboratory automation solution has achieved European CE Mark and China Food and Drug Administration approval. The product is designed to deliver rapid and consistent turnaround time, provide comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection, and reduce the number of manual processing steps to improve laboratory efficiency.

Westlab digital melting point apparatus

07 May, 2019 | Westlab Supplies

The Westlab digital melting point apparatus has been designed to offer hassle-free operation and fast results. It is used effectively in a wide range of industries to measure the melting points of different materials.

INTEGRA Biosciences PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller

06 May, 2019 | BioTools Pty Ltd

The PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller has an updated ergonomic and lightweight design that makes prolonged usage stress- and fatigue-free, meaning the product is suitable for precise serological applications.

Mercodia Total GLP-1 Northern Lights (NL)-ELISA

03 May, 2019 | Sapphire Bioscience

Mercodia's Total GLP-1 NL-ELISA provides a chemiluminescent method for the quantitative determination of amidated GLP-1 (glucagon-like-peptide-1) in human serum or plasma samples.

Cayman Chemical PPARγ-LBD Ligand Screening Assay Kit

02 May, 2019 | Sapphire Bioscience

Cayman Chemical's PPARγ-LBD Ligand Screening Assay Kit provides a convenient fluorescence polarisation-based, single-step assay for screening ligands of the PPARγ-ligand binding domain (PPARγ-LBD).

Sartorius Minisart RC Syringe Filters

01 May, 2019 | Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd

Minisart RC Syringe Filter devices from Sartorius are an environmental and eco-friendly alternative to PVDF devices. They are just as suitable as PVDF for HPLC sample preparation.

Phasefocus Livecyte quantitative, label-free live cell imaging

01 May, 2019 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Livecyte uses a modality called ptychography, which enables quantitative label-free live cell analysis of single and multiple cell types in heterogeneous cell populations.

LIEBHERR Spark-free -20°C Laboratory Freezer

01 May, 2019 | Andi-Co Australia

The 310-litre Spark-free Laboratory Freezer (LGex 3410) is purpose-built and certified to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, making it suitable for storing flammables and combustible materials between -9°C to -30°C within the eight drawers provided with the freezer.

Eppendorf Rotor FA-6x250 for centrifugation

01 May, 2019 | Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

Eppendorf has introduced the high-capacity fixed-angle Rotor FA-6x250 for up to 6 x 250 mL bottles. The Rotor FA-6x250 extends the application range of the large benchtop Centrifuges 5910 R and 5920 R, which encompasses harvesting of bacteria, algae and yeast, as well as mammalian cells, in vessels up to 250 mL.

Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC series

01 May, 2019 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

Shimadzu Corporation announces the Nexera Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph series, incorporating artificial intelligence as analytical intelligence, allowing systems to detect and resolve issues automatically.

Unchained Labs Stunner instrument for protein analysis

01 May, 2019 | AXT Pty Ltd

The Stunner from Unchained Labs enables users to measure protein size and concentration in the same instrument. In fact, its multifunctional nature enables the measurement of several properties, allowing users to optimise their formulations quickly.

AdipoGen Gasdermin D (mouse) ELISA Kit

30 April, 2019 | Sapphire Bioscience

AdipoGen's Gasdermin D (mouse) ELISA Kit is a sandwich ELISA for quantitative determination of mouse Gasdermin D in cell culture supernatants and cell extracts.

Jackson ImmunoResearch Anti-Alpaca secondary antibodies

29 April, 2019 | abacus dx

The Anti-Alpaca secondary antibody product line targets the IgG repertoire of camelid immunoglobulins, including whole molecule, subclass and VHH domain specificities. They are raised against alpaca and cross-react with llama.

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