New Head for CSIRO

09 November, 2000

FASTS welcomes the announcement by Science Minister Senator Nick Minchin of the appointment of Dr Geoff Garrett as the new Chief Executive Officer of CSIRO.

Clarification and Purification

08 November, 2000 | Merck Pty Limited

Ultrafree-MC and -CL Microporous devices provide fast, convenient clarification and purification of 0.5 to 2.0 mL samples and incorporate low binding Durapore membrane.


04 November, 2000 | Waters Australia Pty Ltd

TA Instruments has the AR 2000 advanced research rheometer with performance and convenience features. A fifth generation product, the AR 2000 can handle demanding applications in mobile and viscous liquids, gels, pastes, slurries and solid and molten polymers.


04 November, 2000

LabSystems has released SampleManager 2000 which can run on a wide variety of platforms including NT, Unix and OpenVMS. To allow customers to benefit from recent advances in the Oracle database management system, development and internal validation of the SampleManager 2000 server has been based on Oracle version 8.0.5 (a follow-up release of SampleManager based on Oracle 8i is imminent). The SampleManager 2000 client will run on Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 operating systems.

Laser Light Scattering

29 October, 2000 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

Wyatt Technology multi-angle laser light scattering instruments enable users to determine absolute molar masses of polymers and biopolymers from below 1000 Daltons to hundreds of millions of Daltons. Wyatt has over 50 application notes available and a dedicated bibliography page on its web site with referenced publications of Wyatt instrument applications.

50 mm Trackerballs

14 September, 2000 | Control Devices Australia

Penny & Giles Computer Products has a range of 50 mm diameter trackerballs aimed at demanding applications like the industrial, medical and military markets. The trackerballs incorporate a design using PTFE coatings with the end result being a very smooth seal without the 'stickiness' normally associated with dustproof trackerball designs.


14 September, 2000 | Pyrosales Pty Ltd

The Hart Scientific Chub-E4, model 1529 thermometer readout which includes four channels for reading thermocouples, PRTs, or thermistors. Accuracy levels are high enough for laboratory use, while battery power makes the Chub-E4 well suited for field applications.

Temperature Baths

14 September, 2000 | Pyrosales Pty Ltd

Hart Scientific temperature baths provide stable, uniform temperatures for calibrating thermocouples, PRTs, RTDs, thermistors and other types of thermometers. Each bath may be used on a benchtop or with its optional floor cart, which includes a built-in storage cabinet.

Laptop Freeze Dryer

14 September, 2000 | In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd

The Lyolab 3000 laptop freeze dryer features a twin-capillary tube system called Power Dry. The principle reduces the time required to reach operating temperature, at the same time providing an ice tapping capacity in a compact laboratory freeze drying unit.

Horiba LB-500 particle Size Analyser

14 September, 2000 | Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

The Horiba LB-500 Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyser is designed for nanoparticulate materials that are otherwise difficult to measure using conventional types of analysers.

Micro Test Tube

14 September, 2000 | Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

The Eppendorf Standard Micro Test Tube 3810X has improved lid geometry. Opening and closing tubes is a lot easier, with the optimised lid hinge giving better positioning for sealing and enabling the entire lid surface to be closed evenly. Handling convenience is boosted by the specially developed slanting tube lip, which offers a larger surface for opening and closing.

Laboratory Analysers

14 September, 2000 | Lear Siegler Australasia Pty Ltd

Euroglas Analytical Instruments provides a range of instruments for laboratory analysis of total organic carbons, adsorbed organic halides (AOX) and total nitrogen, sulphur and chlorine.

Mammalian Genomic DNA Purification Kit

14 September, 2000 | Merck

The Sigma GenElute Mammalian Genomic DNA Purification Kit provides a simple and convenient way to isolate pure high molecular weight DNA from a variety of mammalian sources.

Cell Culture Flasks

14 September, 2000 | In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd

The Nunc EasY Flask closure system allows users to open or close the flasks by a 1/3 turn of the cap. Once the cap is removed the large aperture and the optimally angled neck allow easy access to the entire growth surface of the flask with both pipettes and cell scrapers.


14 September, 2000 | Kenelec Scientific Pty Ltd

TSI has two TH-Calc Thermohygrometers for measuring temperature and humidity. Each handheld instrument uses a single probe to measure multiple parameters. The Model 8720 measures temperature and humidity and calculates dew point. The Model 8722 adds data logging and performs wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, humidity ratio and % outside air calculations.

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