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Diamond-based sensor inspired by a sonic screwdriver

10 March, 2017 by Lauren Davis

Physicists have designed a handheld device that uses the power of MRI and mass spectrometry to perform chemical analysis of objects. Their inspiration? The sonic screwdriver used in science-fiction program Doctor Who.

Biotage Extrahera sample preparation system

01 February, 2017

The Biotage Extrahera is a powerful, user-friendly, automated sample preparation system capable of processing both plate or column formats.

Restek Methanizer (CH4izer)

13 January, 2017

Restek's Methanizer (CH4izer) for Agilent GCs allows ppb-level determination of CO and CO2 using an FID instead of other instrumentation.

CSIRO launches flow chemistry facility

25 November, 2016

CSIRO has launched 'FloWorks', its new Centre for Industrial Flow Chemistry, in Clayton, Victoria.

Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer

21 November, 2016

The Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer enables researchers working in quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen (CHNS/O) to simplify their workflows by using a single automated analyser for their daily elemental analyses.

Asynt MultiCell high-pressure parallel reactor

03 November, 2016

The Asynt MultiCell is a lightweight, high-pressure parallel reactor designed for undertaking experiments including carbonylation, hydrogenation, catalysis and supercritical fluid reactions as well as air-sensitive material studies.

Thermo Scientific EA IsoLink IRMS system for elemental and isotope analysis

09 September, 2016

The Thermo Scientific EA IsoLink IRMS system features technical advancements designed to allow scientists to expand their sample analysis processes.

Investigating the chemical composition of tattoo inks

07 September, 2016

Have you been weighing up the pros and cons of getting a tattoo? If so, you might want to consider exactly what's in the ink.

Tanaka Scientific petroleum testing instruments

02 September, 2016

Tanaka Scientific has been pioneering the development of scientific instruments and is said to be a leader in the manufacture of automatic petroleum testing apparatus.

Syrris Orb Pilot jacketed reactor

22 August, 2016

Syrris has announced the Orb Pilot jacketed reactor, which is designed to offer flexible and pilot-scale batch chemistry. The user-friendly, floor-standing, scale-up jacketed reactor provides a combination of good performance and versatility.

Syrris Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor system

22 August, 2016

The Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor system is designed to offer flexibility and ease of use, combining intuitive touch-screen control with a wide range of options to suit virtually any reaction set-up.

A model for mysterious molecular hydrogen reactions

04 July, 2016

Curtin University alumnus Mark Zammit has led the development of a theoretical model to forecast the fundamental chemical reactions involving molecular hydrogen, which has remained largely unpredicted and unsolved by scientists for many decades.

Naming the periodic table's new babies

10 June, 2016

The researchers who discovered four new elements of the periodic table last year have submitted their proposed names to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

OI Analytical Aurora 1030D Dual Oxidation Mode TOC Analyser

30 May, 2016

The OI Analytical Aurora 1030 Total Organic Carbon Analyser (TOC) uses the heated persulphate wet oxidation technique to analyse organic contamination levels in aqueous samples. Virtually all organic compounds dissolved in water can be oxidised by heated sodium persulphate.

How microbes make methane

24 May, 2016

US chemists have discovered once and for all how microbes make methane, settling a longstanding debate in the process.

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