Lab equipment

Laboratory vacuum generation

08 October, 2003 | Supplied by: John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

In the past, the majority of pumps used in the chemical laboratory were water-jet pumps and oil-sealed rotary vane pumps. About 10 years ago, these systems were nearly completely replaced by systems using diaphragm pumps

LA300 particle size analyser

14 July, 2003 | Supplied by: BEST Lab Instrumentation Pty Ltd

The LA300 is a QC instrument designed for liquid dispersion work in the range 0.1 to 600 µm, and is suitable for pharmaceutical applications. It is compact, easy to use, and able to handle difficult sample types with ease.

Nichipet Ex pipettor

19 May, 2003 | Supplied by: In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd

The Nichipet Ex pipettor from Nichiryo is fully autoclavable and has enhanced UV resistance. The unit is lightweight and has fatigue-free operation with an enlarged figure rest. The convenient single hand locking lever makes for easy operation and the range of 8 sizes covers from 0.1 µL to 10 mL.

Vacuum pump problems?

08 January, 2003

Are your vacuum pumps mysteriously breaking impellers, breaking or flogging keys, twisting shafts or prematurely trashing bearings? If so, the culprits could well be 'invisible' slugs of liquid and sludge

Thermometric titrimetry puts heat back into the titration game

08 October, 2002 by TK Smith, MPhil MRACI Cchem

Thermometric titrimetry is versatile, robust, fast and reliable, ideally suited to the demands of modern process and quality control laboratories

Analytical determination of ions in water

08 November, 2001 | Supplied by: Vivendi Water - USF Filtration

Water analyses are carried out by many different laboratories for a whole variety of constituents for as many different reasons. Techniques that involve the direct determination of ions present in the water play key roles in these analyses

LA-300 Particle Size Analyser

26 June, 2001 | Supplied by: Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

The Horiba's compact LA-300 laser scattering particle size distribution analyser uses a diode laser and measures particles ranging between 0.1 and 600 µm in diameter. It processes high-resolution data for display within 20 sec.

pH electrodes evolve into the silicon age

08 March, 2001

Silicon chip pH sensors overcome breakage, maintenance and storage problems. Since the early 1930s when the first pH meter was invented, the core technology for quantitative pH measurement has, until recently, remained fundamentally unchanged

Horiba LB-500 particle Size Analyser

14 September, 2000 | Supplied by: Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

The Horiba LB-500 Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyser is designed for nanoparticulate materials that are otherwise difficult to measure using conventional types of analysers.

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