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Single gene linked to several psychiatric conditions

12 September, 2019

Researchers have identified a specific gene they believe could be a key player in the changes in brain structure seen in several psychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia and autism.

Aspirin use may alter breast cancer outcomes

10 September, 2019

Women with specific DNA characteristics in certain areas of the genome may live longer if they take aspirin before they are diagnosed with breast cancer.

ART affects babies' genes, but only temporarily

06 September, 2019 by Lauren Davis

Events that occur as part of assisted reproduction technology can impact gene health or epigenetics in babies — but these effects are short lived.

Abnormal gene expression linked to psychopathy

05 September, 2019

The abnormal expression of many genes, previously associated with autism, is also present in violent psychopathy, according to a new study from European researchers.

Inherited gene mutation raises pancreatic cancer risk

27 August, 2019

The discovery of the previously unknown mutation could lead to routine testing of individuals with a strong family history of pancreatic cancer.

Separating X and Y sperm enables sex selection in offspring

27 August, 2019

A simple, reversible chemical treatment can segregate X-bearing sperm from Y-bearing sperm, allowing dramatic alteration of the normal 50:50 male/female offspring ratio.

Researchers find 45 new genetic causes of skin cancer

19 August, 2019

Scientists have discovered 45 new genetic variants that put people at a greater risk of developing the most common form of skin cancers: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Genetic test can reveal your biological age

16 August, 2019

Scientists have developed a method that can check the condition of the genome, helping to inform people how youthful their bodies actually are.

Genes behind five psychiatric disorders identified

08 August, 2019

Researchers have uncovered the genes that contribute to five psychiatric disorders, after analysing more than 400,000 individuals, and found that several sets of genes mark all five disorders.

Same DNA mutation found in four neurodegenerative diseases

05 August, 2019

Four rare neurological diseases are all caused by the same short segment of DNA repeated too many times, albeit in different parts of the genome.

Molecular sensor scouts for DNA damage

25 July, 2019

Research from the University of Puttsburgh points to the protein UV-DDB being a scout for general DNA damage and an overseer of the molecular repair crew that fixes it.

Genomic 'barcode tracker' scans immune cells in tumours

23 July, 2019

Researchers have developed a new method to spot rare immune cells that are reactive against cancer cells, from within a patient's own immune system.

Not all fat is created equal

16 July, 2019

Why is it that fat stored in one part of the body has different health implications to fat stored somewhere else?

New gene for schizophrenia discovered

11 July, 2019

An 18-year schizophrenia study — made possible by the recruitment, diagnosis and DNA screening of thousands of people in India — has identified a new clue in the quest for causes of the illness.

New pathway to make cancer self-destruct

08 July, 2019

When the researchers knocked out the protein ATF4 in cells or mice, they found tumour cells continued to build up those proteins and eventually died as a result of stress.

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