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Key Alzheimer's protein blocked by researchers

20 May, 2019

Researchers have shown the de facto key role played by the protein galectin-3 in Alzheimer's disease, demonstrating a reduction in plaque and inflammatory load after the protein was blocked in mice.

IDT Custom NGS Adapters

17 May, 2019

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has launched its Custom NGS Adapters offering, providing an easy and flexible customised adapter solution directly to scientists.

Gene found to defend against acute leukaemia

07 May, 2019

A gene called PHF6 plays a powerful role in protecting against blood cancer — and a breakdown in the gene's function could accelerate the development of T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Blood samples could match cancer patients to clinical trials

29 April, 2019

Scientists could help match cancer patients with no other treatment options to clinical trials with experimental medicines, by analysing the genetic faults in a sample of their blood.

Biomarkers for oral cancer discovered

24 April, 2019

Researchers have discovered epigenetic markers that are distinctly different in oral cancer tissues compared to the adjacent healthy tissues in patients.

How to stop mosquitoes from smelling human sweat

22 April, 2019

US researchers have discovered how mosquitoes pick up on acidic volatiles found in human sweat.

New method to more accurately diagnose cancer subtypes

18 April, 2019

The method may provide a more accurate snapshot of rearranged DNA found in cancer, and could help connect cancer patients with personalised treatments faster than current methods.

Multigene test predicts depression risk in young people

16 April, 2019

An international research team has found a genetic score that reliably predicts the risk, severity and age of onset of depression in young people.

The protein that causes pain

09 April, 2019

Scientists have discovered that if a particular protein is missing during the foetal stage, no neurons develop that convey pain, temperature and itch.

Uncovering unknown stages of foetal development

21 March, 2019

By applying gene analysis to individual cells from early mouse embryos, researchers have discovered previously unknown cellular stages of foetal development from fertilised egg to living being.

Blood test could predict kidney transplant rejection

20 March, 2019

UK researchers have found a way to predict rejection of a kidney transplant before it happens, by monitoring the immune system of transplant patients.

What does a pregnancy protein have to do with geriatric diseases?

14 March, 2019

A powerful protein in the blood of pregnant woman could be used to find ways to treat and even prevent a wide range of age-related disorders.

Semi-identical twins identified during pregnancy

05 March, 2019

A boy and a girl in Brisbane have been confirmed as the second set of semi-identical twins in the world — and the first to be identified by doctors during pregnancy.

Anti-ageing research under the spotlight

25 February, 2019

Two separate studies have been investigating ways to suppress signs of ageing, which could eventually lead to extended lifespans in humans.

A closer look at heart-disease genes

31 January, 2019

Scientists at Sydney's Centenary Institute have conducted a study which could change how researchers discover the causes of genetic heart disease.

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