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Mapping the genes that control the skeleton

10 May, 2021

A research team has mapped the unique genetic profile of the skeleton's 'master regulator' cells, outlining the genes that are switched on or off in osteocytes.

Mutations can reduce the effect of anti-oestrogen treatment

05 May, 2021

A small proportion of women who receive anti-oestrogen treatment after breast cancer surgery have worse outcomes, as a result of mutations in the oestrogen receptor gene.

Neanderthal DNA discovered in sediment

27 April, 2021

Researchers have reportedly recovered the nuclear DNA of several Neanderthal individuals from the sediment of two Siberian caves and the Galería de las Estatuas.

Oldest modern human genome found in a fossilised skull

15 April, 2021

The woman known to researchers as Zlatý kůň displayed longer stretches of Neanderthal DNA than the 45,000-year-old Ust'-Ishim individual from Siberia.

Parkinson's gene may impair how new neurons are made

01 April, 2021

A gene defect linked to Parkinson's disease may also impair the process that generates neurons in the brain throughout a person's lifetime.

How do sperm transmit paternal experience to embryos?

19 March, 2021

A Canadian research team has successfully identified how environmental information is transmitted by non-DNA molecules in the sperm.

Unravelling the genetics behind eating disorders

11 March, 2021

An international research team is shedding light on the genetic links between eating disorders, mental illnesses and body weight regulation.

Retrovirus is causing cancer in koalas

09 March, 2021

An international team of scientists has demonstrated that a retrovirus invading the koala germline explains the high frequency of koala cancer.

Brain protein could serve as biomarker for Alzheimer's

05 March, 2021

A unique brain protein measured in the blood could be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease decades before symptoms develop, according to new research.

Holidays have restorative effects on shift workers' DNA

24 February, 2021

Researchers have revealed that resting during a holiday period restores functions associated with DNA regulation in shift workers suffering from sleep deprivation.

Heart condition can be predicted through the skin

12 February, 2021

An international research team has revealed that mutations in a gene known to underlie a rare skin disorder also lead to a serious heart disease.

Mosquitoes genetically modified to be resistant to Zika

02 February, 2021

Researchers have used CRISPR gene-editing technology to produce mosquitoes that are unable to replicate Zika virus and therefore cannot infect humans through biting.

The placebo effect can help cure nausea

22 January, 2021

Scientists have studied the phenomenon of the placebo effect in the context of nausea, and identified specific proteins that correlate with its favourable impact.

Three molecular subtypes of Alzheimer's identified

19 January, 2021

Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified three major molecular subtypes of Alzheimer's disease using data from RNA sequencing.

Scientists discover new mutations in the 'immunity gene'

19 January, 2021

An infant's odd case of rare encephalitis has led researchers to discover never-before-seen genetic mutations and a technique to examine the gene responsible for immunity.

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