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Uncovering unknown stages of foetal development

21 March, 2019

By applying gene analysis to individual cells from early mouse embryos, researchers have discovered previously unknown cellular stages of foetal development from fertilised egg to living being.

Blood test could predict kidney transplant rejection

20 March, 2019

UK researchers have found a way to predict rejection of a kidney transplant before it happens, by monitoring the immune system of transplant patients.

What does a pregnancy protein have to do with geriatric diseases?

14 March, 2019

A powerful protein in the blood of pregnant woman could be used to find ways to treat and even prevent a wide range of age-related disorders.

Semi-identical twins identified during pregnancy

05 March, 2019

A boy and a girl in Brisbane have been confirmed as the second set of semi-identical twins in the world — and the first to be identified by doctors during pregnancy.

Anti-ageing research under the spotlight

25 February, 2019

Two separate studies have been investigating ways to suppress signs of ageing, which could eventually lead to extended lifespans in humans.

A closer look at heart-disease genes

31 January, 2019

Scientists at Sydney's Centenary Institute have conducted a study which could change how researchers discover the causes of genetic heart disease.

New insights into cardiac arrest in young people

14 January, 2019

A new study could provide clearer insights into why a young person may have experienced an otherwise unexplained cardiac arrest and, in some cases, sudden death.

New discovery about how a baby's sex is determined

17 December, 2018

The process is not just about the X-Y chromosomes, but involves a 'regulator' that increases or decreases the activity of genes which decide if we become male or female.

Giant tortoise genomes offer insights into longevity

05 December, 2018 by Lauren Davis

'Lonesome George', the last member of the Galapagos giant tortoise species from Pinta Island, died in 2012 — but his legacy will live on in more ways than one.

The ancient history of DNA control

27 November, 2018

The tricks DNA uses to control gene expression — which genes are turned on and off, and when — may have originated much earlier than was previously thought.

Enzyme found to both hinder and help cancer growth

09 November, 2018

Researchers have solved a longstanding mystery surrounding the protein complex AMPK, long thought to suppress cancer by slowing cellular metabolism.

New technique for more accurate genome reconstruction

23 October, 2018

The technique will allow researchers to identify further complexity within any type of genome and provide more precise reference genomes than are currently available.

DNA repair protein protects against cancer

08 October, 2018

Researchers have uncovered a key factor protecting against age-related DNA damage, providing important clues about how the body guards against cancer.

Gene drive causes infertility in malaria-carrying mosquitoes

28 September, 2018

Researchers have successfully developed a gene drive that can cause the complete collapse of caged mosquito populations in only 7–11 generations.

Scientists assemble the cane toad genome

21 September, 2018

The breakthrough will help scientists gain a better understanding of what makes Australia's most infamous amphibian tick.

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