Particle size and shape analyser

12 April, 2004 | FLSmidth Pty Ltd

The Camsizer is a robust instrument capable of the simultaneous measurement of particle size distributions and particle shape characteristics. It is suitable for analysing all dry, free-flowing bulk materials, granules and powders in the range 30 µm to 30 mm.

Thermal cycler

12 April, 2004 | Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

The Eppendorf Mastercycler ep is a fast, flexible, user-friendly PCR thermal cycler.

Breath testing

12 April, 2004 | IsoScience Pty Ltd

The GV2003 from GV Instruments is a CO2 and N2 mass spectrometer, providing a safe, rapid and non-invasive breath-testing tool for a number of clinical conditions. The 13C-breath test is Detection of Helicobacter pylori, but this is just one of an increasing range of tests that now includes fat malabsorption, gastric emptying, lactose intolerance, amino acid oxidation, liver function, fatty acid oxidation, intestinal overgrowth and metabolic turnover.

Solvent degassers

12 April, 2004 | ALPE Pty Ltd

Sanwa offers two lines of solvent degassers to suit most applications. Both lines, the Degasys Ultimate and Degasys Populaire, are available in flow rates of 1, 3 and 10 mL/min max with a choice of between one and 10 channels.

New Benchtop Centrifuge Streamlines Cell Separations

12 April, 2004 | Beckman Coulter Australia

Fullerton, California, December 2003 - Beckman Coulter introduces the Allegra® X-12 Series benchtop centrifuges, delivering unique capabilities that streamline cell separations. The Allegra X-12R and Allegra X-12 spin up to 4 x 750 mL and feature new Cell Culture Flask Adapters* which enable direct centrifugation of cell culture flasks. By eliminating the transfer step to and from conical tubes for cell concentration, these exclusive adapters save time and expense and reduce the potential for contamination.

Whole human genome microarray

12 April, 2004 | Keysight Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Agilent Technologies has announced commercialisation of its whole human genome microarray compatible with major 1 x 3" microarray scanners. This microarray benefits scientists researching disease and developing therapeutic interventions in such areas as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Shaking thaw bath

21 March, 2004 | Thermoline L+M

Thermoline has a shaking thaw bath with a special tray, which is a specialised bath for the rapid and even thawing of frozen bags of plasma products. The units are based on the standard shaking bath but with many inclusions including a revised reciprocating tray and a twelve 500 mL bag rack, raised bath (splash) rim to accommodate deeper water levels and high capacity heating element to maintain the thaw time to twelve minutes (this time is adjustable).

Storing images in LIMS

21 March, 2004 | LabWare Australia Pty Ltd

While Version 4 of LabWare LIMS allowed users to associate LabWare LIMS data with information stored in files elsewhere on the network - perhaps graphics images or document files such as SOPs, work instructions, material safety data sheets, worksheets, etc - there was a dependency that all users of the system would have access to the network drives where the external files were located.

Automatic cryoscopic osmometer

21 March, 2004 | Gallay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd

Gonetec has added the Osmomat Auto multiple sampler to its cryosopic range of osmometer units for the determination of osmolality in aqueous solutions.

Total protein stain

21 March, 2004 | GE Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd

Deep Purple Total Protein Stain is a fluorescent stain for the detection and visualisation of proteins in 1D and 2D gels. The product offers up to eight times more sensitivity in protein detection. Deep Purple gives proteomics customers the ability to detect more proteins with accuracy while eliminating the problem of uneven levels of background fluorescence, known as 'speckling'.

Liquid handling workstation

18 March, 2004 | Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

The epMotion 5070 workstation allows for rapid and reproducible dispensing with pipettes and other dispensing variants. The unit offers a large volume range from 1 to 1000 µL.

Moisture analysis

18 March, 2004 | Ohaus Australia

The MB35 is a basic level moisture analyser designed to deliver fast, reliable results for numerous applications including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and environmental. Ohaus' MB45 Moisture Analyser is a high precision model designed for demanding environments.


18 March, 2004 | Acorn Scientific Ltd

Rodwell Scientific Instruments (UK) offers a comprehensive range of autoclaves from 40 to 660 L, top or front loading in all manner of specifications, including the Gemini double chambered autoclave. The MP24 control system is generic and fully diagnostic for easier maintenance. It offers more standard features such as delayed start, stay-warm, and load activated sterilise.

Chemical oxygen demand system

18 March, 2004 | Hanna Instruments Pty Ltd

Hanna's COD analyser is a multi-parameter ion specific meter suitable for wastewater or environmental testing. C99 allows for a COD measurement based on the Closed Reflux Colorimetric Method over three different ranges: 0 to 150, 0 to 1500 and 0 to 15,000 mg/L. This method is based on the requirements of the two main official sources for chemical analysis in water and wastewater: 'Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater' (20th Ed) method #5220D and 'EPA Methods and Guidance for Analysis of Water' (version 2.0). USEPA method #310.4.

Handheld light measurement system

18 March, 2004 | Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd

Labsphere has introduced the HLMS-200P handheld light measurement system - an easy-to-use, precision photometric instrument designed for use in the field, laboratory, or production floor. The instrument measures luminous flux from divergent sources such as LEDs, small lamps, and fibre-illuminators.

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