Ducted Fume Extraction

15 July, 2002 | Laboratory Systems Group

The Smoothflow 2000 series of fume cupboards is manufactured with double sidewall construction to provide sidewall mounted service outlets. This aids containment and eliminates flow reversal due to eddy currents caused by protruding mullions.

Gene Arrays

15 July, 2002 | Merck

Panorama gene arrays provide a semi-quantitative platform for analysis of the expression of hundreds of genes in a single experiment.

InGaAs Array

15 July, 2002 | Lastek Pty Ltd

The Optical Spectroscopy Division of Jobin Yvon has released a new generation of the IGA3000 Near Infrared Array Series.

AA for Semiconductor Applications

15 July, 2002 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Elemental has responded to the corrosive sample issues of the semiconductor industry with a specially configured AA system. High purity solvents, acids and cleaning fluids must be strictly controlled and monitored at critical points throughout the production process and they are routinely checked at the sub-ppb level for the main impurity elements, including Na, Ca, Cu, Fe and Ni.

Air Cleaner

17 June, 2002 | Bio-Oxygen Aust Pty Ltd

Bio-Oxygen is a natural air cleaning process in which no disinfectants, perfumes, catalysts or chemicals are used and which allows the air quality to be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - in real-time.

Disposable Robotic Reservoirs

17 June, 2002 | Interpath Services Pty Ltd

Nalgene has a range of disposable robotic reservoirs for use in automated processes. A standard microplate format with a 300 mL working volume, the Nalgene Disposable Reservoir is available in two styles.

Non-Contact Level Measurement

17 June, 2002 | Endress+Hauser Australia Pty Ltd

The Prosonic M compact, ultrasonic level transmitter uses non-contact, non-intrusive level measurement to measure up to 15 m in liquids and 7 m in solids.

Helium Detector

17 June, 2002 | Grace Discovery Sciences

Alltech's helium leak detector is a portable gas leak detector that pinpoints leaks in applications such as gas capillary systems in difficult to reach and confined locations. The detector uses a highly sensitive thermal actuated cell and signal amplification to detect leaks. When a leak is detected, a signal is displayed on the unit's LED display as well as sounding an audible alarm.

High Temperature Microscopy Stage

17 June, 2002 | Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd

The Linkam TS1500 High Temperature Stage is 104 x 95 x 29 mm. It produces a temperature range from ambient to 1500°C and contains a type S PI-10% Rh/P1 thermocouple. A 7 mm sapphire sample disc makes contact with the thermocouple to ensure an accurate temperature measurement from the sample.

OxyBaby oxygen analyser

16 June, 2002 | Niche Gas Products

The OxyBaby handheld MAP oxygen analyser can be used to check residual oxygen levels at regular intervals. OxyBaby is handy, doesn't require power leads and is simple to use. It is portable and suitable for making quality checks of packed foods such as meats, sausages, fish, dairy products, bakery products, pasta, pizza and salads. Oxygen levels can be determined at any time by simply picking a pack off the line and inserting the needle. OxyBaby is designed so that it can be held in one hand with the packaged food product in the other.

Hygiene Monitoring System

20 May, 2002 | BEST Lab Instrumentation Pty Ltd

The new Lumitester PD10, Portable Luminometer, and Lumipac W, hygiene test swabs, offer a quick and simple hygiene test for anyone in the food production, delivery, restaurant, catering or medical industry where confirmation of the status of bacterial contamination is needed.

Biological Safety Cabinet

20 May, 2002 | Kendro Laboratory Products

The Heraeus Herasafe HS 12 biological safety cabinet (Class II, type A/B3, according to NSF Standard 49) offers operator and sample protection.

Culture Filtration

20 May, 2002

Corning Vacuum Filter Systems (Filter plus Bottle) and Bottle Top Filters are designed for the filtration of cell culture media, biological fluids, and other aqueous solutions. They are available in a variety of membrane materials (PES, CN, CA and Nylon) and pore sizes to match different applications.

Purified Water

20 May, 2002 | VWR International Pty Ltd

The Barnstead DIamond Reverse Osmosis System provides a source of purified water for general laboratory use such as glassware washing or as feed water to Barnstead's ultra pure water systems such as the Nanopure DIamond, Easypure or E-pure.


20 May, 2002 | Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

The Turner Designs TD-700 Laboratory Fluorometer is a compact, low cost benchtop fluorometer featuring a wide wavelength selection using a multi-assay filter cylinder. The simple to use menu-driven software ensures a wide variety of compounds can be easily measured using application-specific optical filters.

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