Digital gel analysis system

15 February, 2004 | SciTech Pty Ltd

The Ultra-Cam 4100 system is a small, standalone digital gel analysis/visualisation system for all laboratories.

Liquid handling workstation

15 February, 2004 | Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

The epMotion 5070 workstation allows for rapid and reproducible dispensing with pipettes and other dispensing variants. The unit offers a large volume range from 1 to 1000 µL.

LH 500 haematology analyser

22 January, 2004 | Beckman Coulter Australia

The Coulter LH 500 haematology analyser is designed for mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories. It provides complete blood counts (CBC) with five-part differential analysis, including white blood cell, red blood cell, platelet and reticulocyte counts.

Automated plate storage

22 January, 2004 | Kendro Laboratory Products

Kendro Laboratory Products has extended its range of robot-accessible storage solutions for automated assay systems with the introduction of the Heraeus Cytomat 44 - a compact and flexible solution designed to provide stable storage conditions and to minimise assay variance.

Storing images in LIMS

22 January, 2004 | LabWare Australia Pty Ltd

Version 5 of LabWare LIMS introduces functionality that allows files including images, pdfs, documents, spreadsheets, videos, sounds, etc, to be stored in the LabWare LIMS database.

Materials science data management

22 January, 2004 | Accelrys

Accelrys has released CombiMat 2.0, a data management solution for high throughput experimentation in materials science. CombiMat 2.0 contains new functionality, as well as improved usability, enabling researchers to manage higher laboratory throughput with less effort.

Online degassing

22 January, 2004 | Grace Discovery Sciences

Alltech offers two families of degassers to eliminate the problems of unwanted air - the advanced featured Elite On-Line Degassing Family and the economical Select On-Line Degassing Family. The efficient teflon AF membrane, the continuous-run vacuum pump, and NO-OX tubing work together to consistently and rapidly remove gas from mobile phase and keep it that way as it travels to the pump inlet. Reproducible pump flow rates and stable baselines are achieved by using the degasser.

MS sample preparation

22 January, 2004 | Merck Pty Limited

Millipore and Applied Biosystems have announced the MALDIspot Kit, which is expected to improve the sensitivity of mass spectrometry (MS) by maximising peptide recovery during sample preparation of gel spots. The kit is the second in a series of MS sample preparation products being developed through a proteomics partnership between Millipore and Applied Biosystems.

Hygiene monitoring system

22 January, 2004 | Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd

The lightning MVP Hygiene Monitoring System uses one instrument platform to collect, analyse and report data from multiple quality indicators including ATP, temperature and pH. Test results stored in the Lightning MVP unit may be easily downloaded to a personal computer for trending analysis using the TRAX software.

Electrochemical measurement

22 January, 2004 | Mettler-Toledo Ltd

Mettler Toledo has introduced the Series Seven instrument series for pH, conductivity and ion measurement.


22 January, 2004 | Phenomenex Australia

Chirex brand chiral HPLC columns from Phenomenex are suitable for the enantiomeric resolution of a wide variety of chiral pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. A diverse selection of chiral selectors is covalently bound to high efficiency 5 µm silica to produce some of the most versatile and enantioselective chiral columns available. The rugged columns provide superior analytical separations with respect to capacity, speed and resolution. Scale-up to semiprep and preparative specifications is straightforward. Chirex phases are highly load-tolerant and can be used with volatile organic solvents to facilitate isolation of the purified antipodes in bulk. Opposite chiral selector phases are available to put trace components first. Hundreds of chiral applications are listed in this free 18 page applications guide on chiral chromatography.

Shaking water bath

22 January, 2004 | Thermoline L+M

Thermoline offers a range of shaking water baths including a 20 and 36 L capacity, with the 36 L also available in a refrigerated model.

HPLC column temperature controller

08 December, 2003 | Phenomenex Australia

The ThermaSphere TS-130 HPLC Column Temperature Controller offers precise and accurate control of elevated run temperatures and will improve HPLC run times, peak resolution and analyte sensitivity. The compact, integrated system precisely controls column temperature from 25-80°C (±0.1°C repeatability, with an absolute accuracy of 0.5°C). A powerful, miniature fan ensures rapid and stable temperature equilibration of the column chamber. Its light weight and small size make this column temperature controller suitable for virtually any HPLC instrument.

IR air analyser

08 December, 2003 | Lear Siegler Australasia Pty Ltd

The Miran SapphIRe filter-based, single beam spectrophotometer is a versatile multi-gas detection system with the ability to measure at different wavelengths; measure multiple gases and compensate for interfering gases; and perform a spectral scan of the gas and identify unknown gases.

CO2 incubators

08 December, 2003 | Lomb Scientific (Aust) Pty Ltd

NuAire offers three different variations of CO2 incubators including the IR autoflow - featuring the 8000 series IR autoflow CO2 water jacketed incubator, with a digital infrared gas sensor, micro-computer controls and a HEPA filtration system.

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