Automatic Gas Chromatograph

15 September, 2002 | Envirorent Pty Ltd

The Process Analyzers 301-B automatic gas chromatograph is a PC-based GC designed for unattended, continuous monitoring of a wide range of chemicals in ambient air, stack, or processes. With a choice of detectors (thermal conductivity, flame ionisation, and photo-ionisation) the model 301-B offers auto calibration and multiple user-programmable alarms.

Coeliac Genetic Markers

15 September, 2002 | ELITech Australia & New Zealand

Coeliac disease patients are characterised by a particular immunogenetic profile. DQ2 haplotype is present in up to 90% of coeliac patients, while non-DQ2 coeliac patients are mostly DQ8 haplotype.

Nitrogen Analyser

15 September, 2002 | BEST Lab Instrumentation Pty Ltd

The Primacs SN Protein Nitrogen Analyser from Skalar Analytical offers a solution to solid sample analysis for nitrogen. The unit features fast, accurate results, with ease of operation and low maintenance.

Non-Glass pH Meter

15 September, 2002 | Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

The Shindengen KS723 non-glass pH meter is a robust pocket sized meter based on ISFET semiconductor technology. The pH meter is well suited to both laboratory and field use as it does not use a glass electrode. It is also suitable for the food industry and applications where traditional glass electrodes are not suitable.


15 September, 2002 | Testo Pty Ltd

The Testo 505 Manometer is an electronic measurement cell designed for general purpose use. It measures and displays differential pressures up to ±130 hPa/mBar and has a magnetic back for hands-free ease of use.

Surface Inspection

20 August, 2002 | QC Systems Pty Ltd

The TSK Surfcom 3000A is an integrated surface texture and contour measuring instrument. It offers realisation of 0.005 µm for resolution, and its dynamic range and resolution ratio is 2,400,000:1.

Vacuum Pump

19 August, 2002 | Javac Pty Ltd

Leybold's Divac L range of pumps are dual stage diaphragm vacuum pumps, fully teflon coated. The pump is suitable for the laboratory as it is insensitive to aggressive and corrosive media.

Pocket-Sized Ophthalmoscopes

19 August, 2002 | Heine Australia Pty Ltd

Heine Alpha+ ophthalmoscopes and retinoscopes are pocket-sized. The optical components of both instruments are mounted in metal frames for constant precision and long working life. Both instruments use compact Alpha+ handles for easy pocketability and both incorporate clips for user convenience.

Alzheimer's Drug Screening Assay

19 August, 2002 | Stem Cell Sciences

Stem Cell Sciences Limited (SCS) has a novel assay for finding drugs that may provide therapy for people with Alzheimer's disease, or prevention of the disease.

Laboratory Tubing Connectors

19 August, 2002 | Omnifit Ltd

Omnifit's inert colour-coded connectors provide a simple, versatile system for connecting different types of laboratory tubing instantly, including PTFE, glass, silicone and stainless steel. Applications include sampling, stream splitting, mixing and fluid line interconnection.

Data Loggers

19 August, 2002 | Testo Pty Ltd

The testo 177 series of data loggers consists of five different data loggers, measuring temperature (177-T1/2/3/4) and humidity (177-H1). The 177-T3 has two external NTC sensors with a contact closure, which can change the time interval between taking readings, while the 177-T4 provides four external thermocouples.

Cell Density Meter

19 August, 2002 | Radiometer Pacific Pty Ltd

The WPA Cell Density Meter is a compact instrument that provides instant cell density readings at the touch of a button. The Biowave CO8000 is a low cost easy to use portable cell density meter with wavelength 600 nm, range -0.3 to 1.99 A, RS-232 output and a custom LCD. The Biowave CO8000 cell density meter is neat and compact, taking up less bench space than a spectrophotometer. Readily portable, it can be used anywhere needed, eliminating the safety hazard of carrying bacterial samples to and from a fixed instrument. It is no problem to use it within a laminar flow cabinet so that work with micro-organisms can be completed without leaving the sterile bench.

Tissue Culture Plate

19 July, 2002 | Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

OptiCell Tissue Culture Plates provide a sterile, sealed cell culture environment between two optically clear gas-permeable growth surfaces in a standard microtiter plate-sized plastic frame with specially designed ports for access to the contents. OptiCell is the ideal environment for cell growth, microscopy, treatment, selection, separation, harvest, storage, and shipping. OptiCell can also be used for the production of cell products such as monoclonal antibodies and cytokines.

InGaAs Array

15 July, 2002 | Lastek Pty Ltd

The Optical Spectroscopy Division of Jobin Yvon has released a new generation of the IGA3000 Near Infrared Array Series.

Gene Arrays

15 July, 2002 | Merck

Panorama gene arrays provide a semi-quantitative platform for analysis of the expression of hundreds of genes in a single experiment.

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