Long-Life Precast Gradient Gels

15 April, 2002 | Gradipore Ltd

The Gradipore line of long-life electrophoresis precast gradient gel products, LongLife Gels, features a longer shelf life and decreased run and transfer times of up to 50%. The gels do not require several buffer systems and gel types like other long-life, pre-cast gel products.

Thermal-Conduction Vacuum Gauge

15 April, 2002 | Javac Pty Ltd

The Leybold ITR 90 Ionivac Pirani thermal-conduction vacuum gauge has merged the classic Bayard-Alpert hot cathode measuring system with the Pirani measuring system to allow the continuous vacuum measurement of noninflammable gases from 10-10 mbar to atmosphere. This unit has automatic control of the hot cathode by the Pirani measuring system and the optimal protection of the hot cathode before operation at high pressures, which also preserves the life of the cathode.

Biological Safety Cabinet

15 April, 2002 | Kendro Laboratory Products

The Heraeus Herasafe HS 12 biological safety cabinet (Class II, type A/B3, according to NSF Standard 49) offers operator and sample protection.

GC Backflushing

15 April, 2002 | Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd

The SGE gc-BackFlush System is designed to reverse the flow through a capillary column at a predetermined time. This allows heavier compounds in a sample to be flushed out of the injection port before reaching the capillary column and finally the detector.

Genetic Analysis System

15 April, 2002 | Beckman Coulter Australia

The CEQ 8000 Genetic Analysis System automates and integrates the majority of genetic analysis functions into one flexible, easy to use system. With one gel, one array and one software platform, users can perform DNA sequencing, heterozygote detection, confirmatory sequencing, mutation analysis, allele identification, SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) scoring, microsatellite instability and AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphism) fingerprinting.

Modular Proteomics Tools

18 March, 2002 | Bruker Pty Ltd

In order to provide a comprehensive proteomics solution, Bruker Daltonics has introduced its Proteineer suite of consumables, robotics, mass spectrometry systems and bioinformatics modules for proteomics.

Cell Isolation

18 March, 2002 | Pathtech Pty Ltd

Thermo Labsystems KingFisher offers a possibility to automate almost any purification or isolation procedure in the field of molecular biology. This technology, based on the paramagnetic particles, is a tool helping small and medium size laboratories eliminate time-consuming precipitation or column purification steps.

Instrument Integration

18 March, 2002 | Thermo Electron Corporation

Yukon is a PC Windows-based client/server application that integrates laboratory instruments to SampleManager LIMS.

Electron Multiplier Brochure

18 March, 2002 | Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd

ETP has released a 12 page Electron Multiplier Brochure that includes technical information, handy hints and ordering information.

Human Genome Screening Microarray

18 March, 2002 | Keysight Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Agilent Technologies has introduced the second in its line of human cDNA microarray kits. The ready to use kit, with human genome screening capabilities, delivers consistent genomic information.

Preparative HPLC Columns

18 March, 2002 | Varian Australia Pty Ltd

Varian has developed a column phase material that will help pharmaceutical manufacturers quickly and efficiently scale up the purification of experimental compounds through production quantities of active drug ingredients.

MS Analysis Software

18 March, 2002 | GE Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd

ProteoMetrics plans to develop customised versions of ProFound and Sonar, its most successful protein identification tools, as an extension of the ongoing exclusive OEM deal with Amersham Biosciences.

ProgRes C14: 12 Million Pixel Digital camera

18 March, 2002 | SciTech Pty Ltd

JENOPTIK LOS, the German manufacturer of the well known ProgRes 3012 and ProgRes 3008 digital cameras, recently developed a new model for microscopic applications: The ProgRes C14

Pipette Tips

18 February, 2002 | Interpath Services Pty Ltd

The Greiner Easyload pipette tip refill pack is a solution for the convenient reloading of Greiner Pipette Tip Racks. There is no need for large storage space, long rack-loading time and unnecessary waste.


18 February, 2002 | Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd

Clearly defined images, sturdy and hard-wearing technology, and easy operation of all function controls are all features of the new line of small stereomicroscopes from Carl Zeiss.

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