Vibration measurement

08 December, 2003 | Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd

Polytec has released a modular vibrometer controller to meet the needs of advanced vibration measurement applications. The design adds digital processing with a range of features that make non-contact vibration analysis more precise, simple and flexible. The OFV-5000 includes improved vibration resolution and dynamic range from digital/analog decoders, remote focus and focus memory with the advanced OFV-505 sensor head, more capacity for a wider range of modules and digital filtering.

Portable refractometer

08 December, 2003 | John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

The Atago PR-101 alpha digital refractometer is designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions, including production areas of high humidity.

HPLC column temperature controller

08 December, 2003 | Phenomenex Australia

The ThermaSphere TS-130 HPLC Column Temperature Controller offers precise and accurate control of elevated run temperatures and will improve HPLC run times, peak resolution and analyte sensitivity. The compact, integrated system precisely controls column temperature from 25-80°C (±0.1°C repeatability, with an absolute accuracy of 0.5°C). A powerful, miniature fan ensures rapid and stable temperature equilibration of the column chamber. Its light weight and small size make this column temperature controller suitable for virtually any HPLC instrument.

Preparative chromatography

08 December, 2003 | In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd

Buchi is launching Sepacore, a preparative chromatography line. Due to a high grade of modularity, the Sepacore line offers flexible solutions to separation requirements.

Microtitre plate closures

24 November, 2003 | Lomb Scientific (Aust) Pty Ltd

Chromacol WebSeal microtitre plate closures are available in two versions for use with round and square bottom microtitre plate wells.

Handheld digital microscope

23 November, 2003 | Testequip Pty Ltd

The ProScope is a USB handheld digital microscope with a high-quality CCD and universal lens mount. Images can be viewed in real-time on-screen and then stills captured with the push of a button. The ProScope's rugged construction makes the unit suitable for the K-12 classroom while still meeting the quality demands of working professionals from scientists to medical technicians and forensic experts.

Benchtop viable cell analyser

23 November, 2003 | Pryde Measurement Pty Ltd

Using the capacitive sensor technique as the means for accurate analysis, the Aber 820 analyses viable biomass concentrations within a few seconds with accuracy and repeatability, eliminating dilution and manual counting under a microscope. In many cases such as highly clumped, filamentous or immobilised cells on carriers, the instrument provides a solution for estimating the viable biomass concentration.

Multi-dimensional HPLC

23 November, 2003 | ProteoMass Australia Pty Ltd

The Micro-Tech Scientific range of HPLC products is suitable for conventional analytical applications, to specialised configurations featuring multi-dimensional nanoflow gradient capabilities.

Refrigerating/heating circulator

23 November, 2003 | Extech Equipment Pty Ltd

PolyScience has a high-performance circulator designed to provide precise cooling and/or heating for viscometers, electrophoresis cells and other laboratory devices. Compact and easy to use, the Model 9106 Refrigerating/Heating Circulator combines one-touch temperature selection, PID temperature control and ±0.05°C temperature stability to deliver efficient yet economical temperature control for all but the most demanding laboratory applications.

CO2 incubator

23 November, 2003 | Thermoline L+M

Heal Force CO2 incubators are CE certified and available in two sizes. Both the 151 and 212 L models feature a 30 minute UV sterilisation program to optimise contamination elimination. The 151 L model is also available with a 90°C Moist Heat Disinfection program. By pressing a button on the control panel this operation is carried out automatically over a 9 hour period to provide complete disinfection of the incubator working chamber.

Multi-chemistry analyser

23 November, 2003 | Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

The Seal AQ2 multi-chemistry analyser features a fully automated, inline cadmium reduction method for nitrate analysis. As many analysts use cadmium reduction as the method of choice, they can now combine all their routine analysis in one benchtop analyser.

Ice buckets and tube racks

23 November, 2003 | Mirella Research Pty Ltd

The Mirella Research 'Handy' and 'Nicer' ice buckets are suitable for use in any laboratory. The long-lasting lightweight multi-purpose containers are unbreakable, leakproof and stackable. The PVC containers are moulded in one piece, making them very strong.

Pipette tips for proteomics

23 November, 2003 | Varian Australia Pty Ltd

Varian's OMIX pipette tips for microextractions feature a monolithic sorbent technology, achieving up to a 3-fold improvement in RSDs (relative standard deviations) and isolating up to 38% more peptide for more accurate and reproducible mass analysis.

Peptide/protein biomarker tools

20 October, 2003 | Bruker Pty Ltd

Automated sample preparation is a key component of any biomarker discovery system. Bruker Daltonics is introducing a magnetic bead based system for the selective capture and enrichment of certain classes of peptides and proteins directly from serum, or from other biological samples.

Cryogenically cooled probes

20 October, 2003 | Varian Australia Pty Ltd

Varian's Interchangeable Flow Cell (IFC) accessory is designed to be used with the company's cold probes, in which the electronics are chilled to approximately -250°C for improved sensitivity. Equipped with the IFC accessory, the probes are highly complementary to LC-NMR/MS instrumentation and are claimed to provide up to three to four times more sensitivity than standard room-temperature probes for metabolites and natural product studies.

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