Automated cell separator

13 November, 2006 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Robosep is claimed to be the first instrument to provide true 'walk-away' automation of magnetic cell separation. Using column-free technology to isolate cells by either positive or negative selection, Robosep can label and separate up to four samples (volume between 2.5 x 107 and 8 x 109 cells) at one time. Robosep is easily controlled by an integrated colour touch screen and provides its users with the convenience of using EasySep Reagents and disposable tips to eliminate cross contamination.

Enterobacteriaceae test

13 November, 2006 | Foss Pacific Pty Ltd

Foss has announced a vial for the MicroFoss microbiological testing system which allows rapid testing for Enterobacteriaceae in a 9 mL buffered test vial.

Inline turbidimeter

13 November, 2006 | John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

Sigrist's AquaScat WTM turbidimeter offers maintenance-free inline turbidity measurement. The WTM model features contactless measurement, using a 'free-falling' stream together with programmable, automatic calibration. The AquaScat WTM has a wide measuring range from 0 to 4000 FNU covering all applications - from highly turbid raw river water, to optimally filtered pure water with 0.015 FNU. For normal measurement there is no need for a de-aeration tank, as the WTM model has an electronic, built-in bubble trap. This feature is sufficient for occasional bubbles. With an integral display and operating panel the AquaScat is fast and easy to install.

Antibody screening

13 November, 2006 | Pathtech Pty Ltd

The Guava Technologies RapidQuant IgG kits are a line of quantitative bead-based kits designed to quantify either mouse or human IgG antibody (Immunoglobulin G) during hybridoma screening.

Transformer isolation and noise reduction

13 November, 2006 | Systems 22 Pty Ltd

The SNAP-AITM-8 provides eight channels of thermocouple or millivolt input. Each channel can be individually configured to accept a type B, C, D, E, G, J, K, N, R, S, or T thermocouple or a -75 to + 75 mV, -50 to +50 mV, or -25 to +25 mV input.

Takara Gradient Thermal Cycler DICE

13 November, 2006 | Scientifix Pty Ltd

A recent product review listed on concluded that the Takara PCR Gradient Thermal Cycler Dice "offers convenience, reliability, multi-functionality and high performance at a price that is affordable for all users".

Sterile disposable shaker flasks

13 November, 2006 | Interpath Services Pty Ltd

The Nalgene 2.8 L sterile disposable shaker flask provides scientists with the lightweight and economical features of Nalgene Erlenmeyer flasks in a larger volume capacity. Designed to reduce the risk of cross contamination, these flasks are suitable for shaker and suspension cell culture, media preparation and media storage.

Real time total viable counts

13 November, 2006 | Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd

The RBD 3000 is an automated, rapid microbial detection and enumeration system that is suitable for use by the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and personal care products industries. The test system can give users a total viable count in minutes instead of days, with sensitivity between 101 to 106 cfu/mL.

Microplate fluid dispenser

13 November, 2006 | ProteoMass Australia Pty Ltd

The UltraSpense 2000 bulk reagent dispenser from KD Scientific incorporates a 'no consumables' and 'no required calibration intervals' design that makes automated microplate dispensing affordable for more laboratories.

Reagent range

09 October, 2006 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Electron Clinical Chemistry is offering the convenience of a 2 x 28 mL kit size for Amylase Infinity (TR25456), Bicarbonate Infinity (TR28356) and Uric Acid Infinity (TR24356) reagents.

Metabolite identification

09 October, 2006 | Applied Biosystems Pty Ltd

Applied Biosystems and its joint venture partner, MDS Sciex have announced the global availability of a drug discovery application that enables pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations to more quickly and accurately screen drug candidates.

Swab transport system

09 October, 2006 | Interpath Services Pty Ltd

Copan's M40 Transystem is claimed to be the only swab sample collection and preservation system that meets the quality control standard published by CLSI - Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute.

Laboratory labelling system

09 October, 2006 | Brady Australia Pty Ltd

The latest addition to Brady's line of laboratory portable printing solutions is the Labxpert Laboratory Labelling System. The Labxpert printer reduces the time required to create labels while producing legible, durable, professional labels for lab samples at an affordable price.

Proteome analysis

09 October, 2006 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

Spotlighting the flexibility of Shimadzu's Prominence Series in creating specific application systems, this series includes the 2D Micro-HPLC System for proteome analysis, the 2D HPLC for bioanalysis (BA), and the 2D HPLC for NMR sample preparation. All three feature the Shim-pack MAYI Restricted Access Media (RAM) column, a bio-sample pre-treatment column that achieves highly efficient deproteinisation and long-term stability through optimisation of particle diameter and newly developed coating technology.

Biosafety cabinet

09 October, 2006 | Gelaire Pty Ltd

The BH-G Class II biological safety cabinet has an electrically-operated height-adjustable stand.

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