17 December, 2001 | Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

The Minivis II from Grabner features a ball detection principle with reflection sensors which extends its application to both clear and dark samples. The viscosity range is expanded from 0.2 to 1500 mPas/cSt across a temperature range of 0-100°C.

Digital Network Camera

17 December, 2001 | Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd

A digital camera with networking capability has joined Nikon's Digital Eclipse series. The DN100 enables the viewing of images by multiple users at distant locations over a network, while the images are being captured elsewhere. It is not necessary to store images before sending them to the other distant locations, as the images are viewed simultaneously and in real-time.

Water Recirculators

17 December, 2001 | Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd

The TC line of water recirculators from Thermo Haake has a modern design and an extended specification range.

Dissolution Tester

17 December, 2001 | Varian Australia Pty Ltd

The VanKel (VK) 7020 is part of the V-Series line of dissolution testers that offers higher levels of efficiency and automation. The VK 7020 can be easily integrated with other Varian instrumentation.

Isotope Ratio MS

17 December, 2001 | Micromass

The IsoPrime Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (SIRMS) platform is equipped with the PyrOH inlet that is capable of analysing solid and liquid samples. It opens up new possibilities for aqueous D/H ratio investigations where sample size is limited. This advance is made possible with ChromeHD technology, incorporating the MaxChrome reactor.

96-Well Plates with Binding Membranes

17 December, 2001 | Pall (Australia) Pty Ltd

The AcroWell 96 Filter Plate with GHP Membrane is available in a chemically resistant natural polypropylene housing and is also available in opaque-white polypropylene housing for high throughput cell and bead-based radioactive and chemiluminescent assays. The GHP membrane (hydrophilic polypropylene) is the key to the plate's low background fluorescence.

DNA Purification System

18 November, 2001 | Varian Australia Pty Ltd

TOP (Trityl-on Oligonucleotide Purification), is a simple and high-throughput purification solution which combines a 96-well plate, a streamlined protocol, and a proprietary resin that will deliver optimum yield and purity for oligos up to 200 nmole in scale and up to 50 mers in length.


18 November, 2001 | Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd

The StereoZoom line is a comprehensive range of stereomicroscopes that is as suited to testing, assembly, OEM and school applications as it is to research, development and documentation requirements.

Automated DNA Purification

18 November, 2001 | Millennium Science Pty Ltd

MWG-Biotech's laboratory robot, RoboSmart, can completely automate, in one single step on one single robot platform, plasmid or PCR product purification, setup, processing, and subsequent purification of the sequencing reaction.

Laser Scanning Microscope

18 November, 2001 | Bio-Rad Laboratories Pty Ltd

The Radiance2100 confocal and multiphoton microscope can be progressively upgraded from single channel confocal through to multichannel multiphoton systems as required. Confocal microscopy enables the acquisition of optical section images through a fluorescent biological sample so that only light that is in focus is collected.


18 November, 2001 | In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd

Memmert offers a broad range of Universal Ovens. All ovens have non-corrosive, easy to clean, stainless steel interior and exterior surfaces.

Portable Refractometers and Density Meters

18 November, 2001 | Mettler-Toledo Ltd

The Densito 30P density meters and the Refracto 30P refractometers will achieve almost the same level of efficiency and comfort as a benchtop, but are designed for one-hand operation. In addition to displaying plain measured values, both the Densito 30P and the Refracto 30P automatically compensate temperature and can directly calculate the concentration of a sample in common units, such as percent alcohol or Brix. A correction feature allows the instrument to easily switch calculations when different samples are measured. The instruments can also be customised so that the user can define specific calculation formulas.

Gradient PCR in 384 Wells

18 November, 2001 | Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

The Eppendorf family of thermal cyclers includes the Mastercycler 384. It has been optimised for use in the modern high-throughput laboratory and is authorised and licenced for PCR.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

18 November, 2001 | GE Panametrics Pty Ltd

The Model 25DL Plus advanced ultrasonic precision thickness gauge displays both the thickness reading and the ultrasonic waveform (or A-Scan) on its large LCD screen. It has many practical measurement features and a sophisticated alphanumeric, file-based data logger. This handheld thickness gauge can be used with various transducer types to make very accurate, one-sided measurements on almost all materials.

Hartmann Analyser

22 October, 2001 | Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd

The Spiricon Hartmann Analyser provides wave front phase information and propagation characteristics to supplement the intensity profile of a laser beam. The system allows users to predict beam distribution quickly and easily.

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