Detection of influenza and avian flu virus

08 February, 2006

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Non-cyclic defrost freezers and fridges

08 February, 2006 | Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

The Sanyo range of biomedial freezers comes in a range of sizes and ensures samples, reagents and extractions are kept safe from damaging freeze/thaw cycles that can occur in domestic style, cyclic defrost units.

Life science CCD-based imaging systems

08 February, 2006 | GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited

ImageQuant high performance imagers are available in four models, each designed to meet the varied needs of researchers in the life sciences.

Coeliac disease research tool

08 February, 2006 | PerkinElmer Pty Ltd

Delfia probes, specific for HLA alleles, provide a research tool for investigating genes involved in predisposition to coeliac disease.

Cell harvesting and blood separation

08 February, 2006 | Beckman Coulter Australia

Beckman Coulter has introduced an adapter that spins 50 mL conical tubes in the Allegra X-15R and X-12 Series benchtop centrifuges. The adapter accommodates 28 tubes per run in a BioCertified, self-balancing rotor and is suitable for cell harvesting and blood separation applications. The adapter runs at up to 5250 x g in the Aries 4 x 750 mL self-balancing rotor, which detects and automatically corrects for imbalance, continuing the run without shutdown.

Gene knockout vectors

08 February, 2006 | Merck

Sigma-Aldrich has introduced TargeTron vectors designed for use with the TargeTron gene knockout system. The vectors enhance the capabilities and increase the flexibility of the system providing researchers with a targeted method to knock out multiple genes in prokaryotic organisms, to generate knockouts without using selection or by using removable selection and to produce knockouts in organisms lacking a source of T7 RNA polymerase.

Semi-prep HPLC columns

08 February, 2006 | Phenomenex Australia

The Phenomenex Onyx C18 Semi-Prep 100 x 10 mm is the latest addition to the portfolio of monolithic silica HPLC columns. This format allows for flow rates from 5 to 35 mL/min with loading capacities typically between 10 and 20 mg. Onyx Semi-Prep is suitable for high-throughput purifications where impure samples and abusive ballistic gradients are encountered, such as in combinatorial library purifications. Also, due to the physics of the monolith, the DMSO solvent slug is well mixed, improving purification results. In addition to high-throughput purification advantages Onyx has very low backpressures and good flow characteristics, which allows for injection of very dirty and/or viscous sample.

X-ray analysis solution

07 February, 2006 | PANalytical

The PANalytical Axios-Poly is a dedicated x-ray analysis system that meets the needs of XRF (x-ray fluorescence spectrometry) analysis in the plastics and polymers industry. Offering high levels of precision and versatility, the Axios-Poly is suitable for all XRF applications. It is simple to operate, and the compact design can easily be integrated into laboratories.

Sterilisable electromotors

07 February, 2006 | M Rutty & Co Pty Ltd

Maxon Motor has extended its range of drive units with three sterilisable motors that can reach speeds of up to 100,000 rpm. The motors, now available for medical applications, are much quieter than compressed air turbines and the electric cables make them more flexible.

Environmental Listeria test

07 February, 2006

Arrow Scientific has announced the 3M Petrifilm environmental Listeria plate method, designed to detect Listeria in food processing plants. The plates are claimed to cost less than traditional methods and use the Petrifilm design.

Plate planning

16 January, 2006 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Electron has achieved greater speed and efficiency in data archiving and plate planning with version 7.0 of Nautilus LIMS, the company's laboratory information management system for early stage discovery in biotechnology research and discovery.

Disease-specific assays

16 January, 2006 | Bruker Pty Ltd

HealthLinx has entered into a collaboration with Bruker Daltonics, which will focus on technology transfer and cooperation between the two firms to develop disease-specific assays for use in in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) research and clinical trials using Bruker Daltonics' ClinProt platform technology for clinical proteomics.

Human live skin model

16 January, 2006 | Tissue Therapies Limited

Tissue Therapies has moved a step closer to avoiding animal testing for wound care and cosmetics companies with the development of a live skin model that emulates human skin. Under its R&D contract with QUT, Tissue Therapies has successfully created a human skin model useful for simulating burns and other wounds, and potentially for testing cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

NMR magnets

16 January, 2006 | Varian Australia Pty Ltd

Varian has debuted its first shielded vertical high-resolution superconducting magnets designed to reduce stray magnetic fields by up to fivefold (in volume), allowing researchers to save space in pharmaceutical and academic laboratories and making nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) more accessible for routine applications. The 500 and 600 MHz premium shielded magnets are integrated with the company's Varian NMR System and are compatible with its suite of cold and room temperature NMR probes.

DNA separation

16 January, 2006 | Cambrex

Cambrex's FlashGel System can be used to separate DNA in 2-7 mins while monitoring migration in real time on the bench under normal laboratory light conditions (no harmful UV illumination).

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