Lab equipment

Flat motors

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: maxon motor Australia Pty Ltd

The maxon motor range of brushless DC motors with integrated electronics features established drives EC 20 flat, EC 32 flat and EC 45 flat, but now they have in-built speed controllers, yet are almost the same size. The motors available as standard are the 2- and 5-wire versions, with an operating range of 2-50 W. The drives are suitable for use where there is minimal installation space, when long service life and constant speed are required at the same time as simple control operations.

High vacuum pump

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: Javac Pty Ltd

The Vector high vacuum pump line is available in a range of flow rates to cater to diverse applications such as ammonia or corrosive acidic vapours.

Water-in-solvents analyser

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: B-R Controls Pty Ltd

The Applied Analytics Microspec (MCP-100) is an online, real-time, water-in-solvents analyser.

Multi-channel pipetters

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: Pathtech Pty Ltd

The Finnpipette F1 and F2 Series multi-channel pipetters offer accuracy and precision for both routine use and for quality-conscious research.

Brushed DC motor package

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: maxon motor Australia Pty Ltd

The RE 65 brushed DC motor package delivers 250 W and can cope with tough demands. The motor is particularly suitable for applications where high efficiency, high power density and a minimal operating noise are required.

High-temperature XRD system

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: PANalytical

PANalytical has released a capillary extension that is compatible with the combined X’Pert Pro MPD/HTK 1200N High-Temperature Oven Chamber (Anton Paar) system, creating a ‘two-in-one’ reflection and transmission high-temperature XRD system.

Dunkermotoren BG75 brushless DC motors

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: M Rutty & Co Pty Ltd

Dunkermotoren BG75 DC motors feature output powers up to 500 W and torques up to 5 Nm. They have sufficient reserves to take on numerous drive tasks in automation. Combined with components selected from a comprehensive package of equipment, the motors can become fully fledged, cost-effective and compact servo drives.

Particulate monitoring

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: Ecotech Pty Ltd

MetOne Instruments has announced that the BAM-1020 Beta-Attenuation Mass Monitor has been approved under Australian Standard AS/NZS 3580.9.11.2008 for the determination of particulate matter, PM10, using Beta attenuation.

Disposable medical thermistor probes

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: Thermal Component Technologies

The NTC thermistors from Measurement Specialties can be used in disposable medical temperature products to improve monitoring accuracy and clinical hygienic standards. The sensors offer sensitivity, durability and interchangeability in a variety of physical configurations.

Thermo Haake EZ Cool 80 circulator

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd

The Thermo Haake EZ Cool 80 circulator is a versatile option for laboratory cooling and heating needs from -10 to +80°C. Its bathless design minimises the evaporation of temperature fluid during daily use. The stainless steel circulator is both quiet and robust, making it suitable for laboratory use.

Circular sample cutter

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: IDM Instruments

IDM Instruments has designed a Circular Hand Cutter for fast, precise and repetitious sample cutting of paper, paperboard, textiles and corrugated and solid fibreboard.

Microwave reaction system

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

Up to 40 high-pressure vessels per run can be processed with the MarsXpress High-Throughput Microwave Reaction System from CEM. MarsXpress offers intelligent and adaptive continuous temperature and pressure feedback control for all vessels all the time without the need for temperature and pressure connections.

Peel testing

06 April, 2009 | Supplied by: IDM Instruments

The Mark-10 90° Peel Fixture can be used within the packaging and other industries, alongside the Motorised Test Stand.

Liquid handling forum goes live

16 March, 2009

Liquid Handling Talk, an online forum dedicated to pipetting and automated liquid handling quality, was launched recently, providing a means for scientists to discuss liquid handling issues and developments with peers and specialists around the world.

Transportable incubators

09 March, 2009 | Supplied by:

CryoLogic is an Australian manufacturer of portable incubators used for transporting biological samples at a constant temperature from one facility to another.

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