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Kuhner Feeding Technology

01 June, 2022

Kuhner now manufactures an innovative and easy-to-use solution for screening under fed-batch conditions in microtitre plates, shake flasks and spin tubes.

Merck ReadyStream media preparation system

25 April, 2022

Merck's Life Science business sector has launched the innovative ReadyStream system — a product that prepares and instantly dispenses culture media for use in microbiological food testing, thus enhancing testing efficiency.

Cell cultures are not as stable as you think: study

16 February, 2022

Culture environments of different cell types growing in culture vessels or Petri dishes vary significantly from each other and from conditions in the living body.

Scientists need to get cell culture research right

06 September, 2021

There is an urgent need for reporting of biomedical research on mammalian cells to be more standardised and detailed, according to a new study.

ORF Genetics ISOkine human recombinant leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF)

07 June, 2021

ORF Genetics' ISOkine human recombinant LIF is a highly purified and endotoxin-free cytokine produced in the endosperm tissue of barley grain (Hordeum vulgare).

Solabia animal-free peptones

20 May, 2021

Six casein peptones, all of New Zealand origin, are available from Solabia, including tryptone, acid hydrolysate of casein and a kosher casein peptone using non-animal enzymes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Gibco Human Plasma-like Medium (HPLM)

26 April, 2021

The cell culture medium mimics the metabolic profile of human plasma and is designed to provide researchers with a realistic view of cell growth within the human body.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Gibco CTS OpTmizer Pro Serum Free Media (SFM)

10 February, 2021

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a medium for the development and expansion of human T lymphocytes (T cells) for cell therapy developers using allogeneic workflows.

Merck VirusExpress Lentiviral Production Platform

15 October, 2020

The platform helps to overcome lentiviral production challenges and can reduce process development time by approximately 40%, according to the company.

BioLamina Biosilk biomaterial for 3D cell culture of hPSCs

22 September, 2020

BioLamina's Biosilk is a 3D cell culture biomaterial made from recombinant spider silk protein. It is a biocompatible, biodegradable and non-immunogenic material.

CellSera foetal bovine serum

09 July, 2020

CellSera's foetal bovine serum is sterile filtered using Sartorius Stedim Biotech triple 0.1 μm disposable filters.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Gibco BenchStable Media

25 October, 2019

Gibco BenchStable Media can be stored anywhere with other temperature-stable solutions, reducing the need for cold storage and thus saving energy.

WPI FluoroDish tissue culture dishes

01 October, 2019

WPI's FluoroDish tissue culture dishes provide high imaging quality for many applications requiring the use of inverted microscopes, such as high-resolution image analysis, microinjection and electrophysical recording of fluorescent-tagged cells.

MP Biomedicals FastGro synthetic, animal-free, chemically defined FBS replacement

01 October, 2019

FastGro is a fully chemically defined replacement for foetal bovine serum. Designed for use in cell culture, it can help mitigate common concerns associated with FBS while promoting cell growth and consistency.

Boosting CHO Cell Culture Scale-Up

01 September, 2019

Most widely used cell lines for biopharmaceutical production of therapeutic proteins originate from CHO cells. These cells are robust in culture and can produce a variety of recombinant glycoproteins at high levels in large scales.

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