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His-tagged protein issues — solved

01 June, 2019

The polyhistidine-tag is the most widely used affinity tag in research involving recombinant proteins.

Microbiologics EZ-Accu Shot Select growth promotion testing kit

04 June, 2018

Microbiologics has added Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 to its EZ-Accu Shot product. This is in addition to five other USP compendial strains for growth promotion testing.

CHROMagar COL-APSE growth medium for colistin-resistant bacteria

03 November, 2017

CHROMagar COL-APSE is a sensitive and specific medium for the selective growth of colistin-resistant bacterial pathogens.

Improved culture medium for IVF now available in Australia

31 October, 2017

Fertility group Genea has announced an updated version of its culture medium Gems, which is claimed to result in more high-grade embryos per IVF cycle than traditional products.

BioLamina Laminin-521 cell culture matrix

17 August, 2017

BioLamina has developed a protocol that eliminates hPSC feeding on Saturdays and Sundays, based on the biorelevant support of Laminin-521 (LN-521).

Jellagen jellyfish collagen for cell culture

28 March, 2017

Jellagen is a medtech business that manufactures next-generation collagen products sourced from jellyfish for application in 2D and 3D cell culture.

Lonza BulletKit Growth Media

14 February, 2017

BulletKit Media provides researchers with added flexibility and reduced variability across their experiments as the same media can be used to support the growth of both cell lines and primary cells.

INTEGRA MEDIAJET Petri dish media filler

13 December, 2016

Compact in design, the MEDIAJET from INTEGRA offers the flexibility to fill Petri dishes of various sizes, Petri dishes with two compartments or test tubes of various diameters and length.

Lonza PowerCHO Advance Media

15 March, 2016

Lonza has launched PowerCHO Advance Media, the latest addition to the company's range of specialised, chemically defined, serum-free media for culturing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.

CHROMagar mSuperCARBA chromogenic media

02 December, 2015

CHROMagar has developed a highly sensitive chromogenic medium, CHROMagar mSuperCARBA, which is suitable for the detection of gram-negative bacteria with a reduced susceptibility to most of the carbapenem agents.

Lonza's versatile media kits

12 October, 2015

Recent peer-reviewed publications have highlighted the versatility of Lonza's specialised BulletKit Growth and Differentiation Media. The papers show that the media kits are proving useful for researchers looking to transition from established cell lines to primary cell culture or when co-culturing different cell types.

Integra MediaJet plate pourer

08 September, 2015

The Integra MediaJet plate pourer system is suitable for automatic petri-dish filling with culture media. The product offers the flexibility to fill petri dishes of various sizes, petri dishes with two compartments and test tubes of various diameters and lengths.

Greiner Bio-One CELLSTAR Cell-Repellent Surface

12 June, 2015

Greiner Bio-One's surface technology inhibits cell adhesion, making the range suitable for culturing spheroid cultures and stem cell aggregates as well as suspension culture of semi-adherent and adherent cell lines.

SAFC EX-CELL Advanced CHO Fed-batch System

08 April, 2015

SAFC Commercial has launched the EX-CELL Advanced product line. Designed to address the needs of an industry where speed to market is important, the product line provides for increased performance, streamlines regulatory compliance and offers the supply chain security needed in the current biopharmaceutical environment.

CHROMagar C3GR supplement for detection of Gram-negative bacteria producing Beta-Lactamase

19 September, 2014

The CHROMagar C3GR supplement added to CHROMagar Orientation contributes to the rapid screening of Gram-negative C3GR-producing bacteria. The supplement combines species colour differentiation and a selectivity that allows the growth of microorganisms with the reduced susceptibility to third-generation cephalosporins.

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