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Biosensis Fluoro-Jade C (FJC) Powder for detecting neuronal degeneration

11 December, 2020

Fluoro-Jade C (FJC) from Biosensis stains all degenerating neurons regardless of specific insult or mechanism of cell death. The product exhibits a good signal-to-background ratio, as well as high resolution.

List Labs bacterial toxins for research

10 December, 2020

Purified from various bacterial sources, List Labs' endotoxins are widely applied in the field of immunobiology as immune stimulators/modulators in various cell culture work and as adjuvants.

Abcam InstantBlue Coomassie Protein Stain

01 November, 2020

Abcam's InstantBlue (ab119211) is a ready-to-use Coomassie protein stain for polyacrylamide gels. Its mechanism of action stains proteins in 15 min while leaving a clear background, eliminating the need to fix, wash or destain.

NanoString GeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA)

01 October, 2020

The GeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA) is a reagent solution designed for comprehensive profiling of spatial biology using the NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) system.

Matreya natural, synthetic and bacterial-derived phospholipids

07 September, 2020

Phospholipids are well known for their role as the main component of membranes, where they form the lipid bilayer due to their amphipathic character.

GeneCopoeia Lentifect SARS-CoV-2 Spike-pseudotyped lentivirus

01 August, 2020

GeneCopoeia's Lentifect SARS-CoV-2 Spike-pseudotyped lentivirus products are designed to produce a specially packaged variant of standard lentivirus that replaces VSV-G envelope glycoprotein with the Spike (S) protein.

Matreya phosphosphingolipids for lipidomics research

22 July, 2020

Matreya offers an extensive list of phosphosphingolipids including sphingomyelins, sphingosylphosphorylcholines, fluorescent sphingomyelins, stable isotope labelled sphingomyelins, sphingosine phosphates and ceramide phosphates.

AdipoGen Life Sciences immunometabolism research compounds

26 June, 2020

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a broad range of immunometabolism small molecule modulators of glycolysis, TCA cycle, fatty acid oxidation, fatty acid synthesis and amino acid pathways, as well as OXPHOS, GAPDH, PFKII and Nampt inhibitors.

Matreya deuterated glycosphingolipids

22 June, 2020

Matreya produces high-purity deuterated glycosphingolipids for the identification and quantification of gangliosides in samples and biological systems using mass spectrometry techniques.

EpiGentek EpiQuik Viral RNA Isolation Fast Kit

18 June, 2020

The EpiQuik Viral RNA Isolation Fast Kit, from EpiGentek, is a complete set of optimised buffers and reagents suitable for quick preparation of viral RNA from cell-free liquid specimens, specifically from saliva and nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs.

Top 5 Cytiva consumables FAQs

01 June, 2020

At Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences, our support scientist team have put together a list of their top 5 Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

AdipoGen Life Sciences COVID-19 antiviral research compounds

27 May, 2020

AdipoGen Life Sciences' range of Small Molecule SARS-CoV-2 Inhibitors and Modulators offers potential tools for in vitro studies of COVID-19.

Larodan research-grade lipids

26 May, 2020

Larodan manufactures high-purity lipids, both by extraction and purification, from natural sources and synthetically.

Cayman Chemical Antiviral Screening Library

25 May, 2020

Cayman Chemical's Antiviral Screening Library consists of six plates and contains more than 410 antiviral-associated compounds in a 96-well Matrix tube rack format as 10 mM stock solutions in DMSO.

Molecular reagents used to treat Alzheimer's disease

13 May, 2020

The reagents have a simple structural composition that can simultaneously target and modulate various pathogenic factors in complex neurodegenerative disorders.

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