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Cytek cFluor immunoprofiling assays and kits

06 December, 2023

The cFluor immunoprofiling kits provide turnkey solutions for basic to in-depth research needs in immunophenotyping of human PBMC and whole blood.

AdipoGen Life Sciences Tirzepatide novel dual GIP and GLP-1 receptor agonist

05 December, 2023

To support benchwork, AdipoGen Life Sciences offers several GLP-1, GIP and glucagon agonists for obesity and type 2 diabetes research.

ImmunoChemistry Technologies FLIVO in vivo inhibitors and tracers

04 December, 2023

ImmunoChemistry Technologies' FLIVO (FLuorescence in vIVO) probes are non-cytotoxic fluorescent inhibitors of caspases and contain the preferred binding sequence for many caspases.

Liquid reagent inactivates SARS-CoV-2 in patient samples

27 October, 2023

The unique composition of the reagent could extract RNA in patient samples in little as 5–10 minutes — and importantly, rapidly inactivate SARS-CoV-2 to make testing safer.

Cayman LipiDOT Strips for protein–lipid interactions

09 October, 2023

The tool allows researchers to maximise the information gained from early protein–lipid interaction screening campaigns, providing insight into protein–lipid interactions while being simple to perform and easily completed in a single day.

PCR Biosystems IsoFast Hot Start isothermal mixes

06 October, 2023

PCR Biosystems has launched a range of Bst polymerase reagents that offer high sensitivity, speed and specificity in all isothermal amplification applications.

Cayman Chemical SM-102 amino lipid

05 September, 2023

SM-102 is an ionisable cationic amino lipid that has been used in combination with other lipids in the formation of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs).

Cayman Chemical compound libraries

04 September, 2023

Cayman Chemical's compound libraries are small molecule screening libraries that are suitable for cell biology, drug discovery and drug identification.

Bioss Antibodies easy-to use IHC kits

03 August, 2023

Bioss Antibodies' easy-to-use IHC kits are suitable for quickly and conveniently obtaining high-quality IHC data. Each kit contains all the reagents needed.

Chromotek Nano-Boosters and Nano-Labels

02 August, 2023

Nano-Boosters and Nano-Labels from Chromotek are fluorescent nanoprobes. They consist of 15 kDa small nanobodies or VHHs, the smallest antibodies known.

AdipoGen Life Sciences Manumycin A exosome biogenesis inhibitor

02 August, 2023

By inhibiting the farnesylation of RAS, Manumycin A suppresses RAS/RAF/ERK1/2 signalling and reduces exosome generation.

Enzo Life Sciences AMPIGENE Hot Start Taq Mix (2X)

05 July, 2023

The product uses some of the latest developments in polymerase technology and buffer chemistry to enhance PCR speed, yield and specificity.

Cayman Chemical Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP-102) Uptake Kit (Green Fluorescence)

03 July, 2023

The kit is intended to serve as a starting point for laboratories to explore the uptake of LNPs by their target cell type without the need for specialised equipment.

ABP Biosciences One-Step Cloning Kit

16 June, 2023

ABP Biosciences' One-Step Cloning Kit is a simple, fast and efficient kit which enables directional insertion of any amplified DNA product into any linearised vector, at any site.

Cayman Chemical Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP-0315) Exploration Kit

05 April, 2023

The kit is intended to serve as a starting point for laboratories to explore the feasibility of using LNPs for their individual application without the need for specialised equipment.

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